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aboutEnjoy the untamed power of real inspired Gypsy Flamenco Music. Fast-paced or romantic, a rough authentic sound, simply irresistible…

Latcho & Andrea’s music takes influences from around the world and back through time: two guitarists and singers authentically producing the mysterious and passionate sounds of gypsy flamenco. To trace the origins of this amazing sound, you have to go back some 30 years to El Sacromonte, the gypsy quarter of Granada, Spain, where Latcho lived and learned how to play Spanish guitar from the masters of Flamenco. Touring with his band Lailo, Latcho played with Antonico Reyes, a member of the Gipsy Kings family and other notable musicians of the time in Europe.

He met his partner Andrea, (a Flamenco dancer and guitar playing member of the all-girl group ChicaBouM) while they were both touring Europe with a wild west show. Later they travelled and performed with a circus. Pure gypsy life and lots of stories to tell! In 1996, Latcho & Andrea decided to leave Europe and relocate to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when lifelong friend Lobo (of Willie & Lobo fame) touted the area as paradise.

Since then, Latcho & Andrea have been consistently performing throughout Mexico, United States and Europe.