Latcho & Andrea Live Music for weddings & events

Rumba Flamenco Guitar Duo

Live Music for Weddings, Private & Corporate Events in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The Blond Gypsies – Spanish Gypsy Guitars for Weddings & Corporate Events

Enjoy the untamed power of real inspired Gypsy Flamenco Music. Fast-paced or romantic, a rough authentic sound, simply irresistible…
Performing internationally, Latcho and Andrea’s wild, untamed Gypsy style has been compared to The Gipsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook and Willie & Lobo.

The Blond Gypsies’ music comes from the soul, goes to the heart.

Brilliant guitar playing, beautiful vocals , rhythmic castanets, and the stories of their lives with the gypsies of Spain and France will enthrall you.”
Jacqui Birchall

Listen to Samples:

Song Title Album Sample
Rumba de Mario Gitans Blonds
Corona Gitans Blonds
Lailola Gipsy Gypsy
Voyage Gitans Blonds
Fantasia Gitans Blonds
Pharaon Gipsy Gypsy